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School Supplies

General Supply List for Holland Middle School

Bring 2 boxes of tissues to your homeroom teacher during the
first week of school!


2 - 1.5 inch binders and a 1 inch binder for academic classes

1 - 1 inch binder for Arts

1 pack of 3 hole-punched loose leaf paper for each binder

A binder pencil case for each binder

Writing utensils - blue / black pens, pencils, a pack of colored pencils, highlighters

2 packs of 3x5 cards

Self-selected reading book for R/A period (you may check these out from library as needed)

Since all students are, or will be, issued chromebooks, the following peripherals may be very useful:

USB or Bluetooth headphones - mic is optional

mouse - wired or wireless

In addition to the standard supply list, your teachers have made the specific requests below. If a teacher is not on this list, you need no other supplemental materials for his or her class at the beginning of the year:



Mrs. Hansberry

~Spiral notebook with holes to be put in binder
~ red pen
~Square post-its
~personal stapler

~Calculator: Academic: TI 30XII   Honors: TI 83 or 84 graphing


Mrs. Kuczinski

~2 inch binder with pockets
~6 subject dividers
~Composition Notebook (Marble)
~ Square Post It Notes (Many)



Mrs. Krempa

~3 dividers
~graph paper



Mrs. Spadafora

   ~3 dividers