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2022 - 2023 Supply List

Team Justice

School Supplies List

◼ (2) 1.5" and (3) 1.0" 3-ring binders (different colors if possible) for English, Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies
◼ Loose leaf paper (3-hole) for binders

◼ (10) Subject dividers for 3-ring binders

◼ (5) 2-pocket folders (different colors)
◼ (1) spiral bound or marble bound notebook for English 
◼ One box of colored pencils
◼ Two large boxes of tissues
◼ Standard #2 pencils with erasers
◼ Black or blue pens
◼ Highlighters
◼ Personal pencil sharpener
◼ 3-hole punch for notebook
◼ 3-ring pencil case for each binder
◼ Paper reinforcers (stickers)
◼ Post-it-Notes (size: 3X3)
◼ 2 packs of 3" x 5" index cards
◼ Calculator - HMS math department recommends TI-30XII or TI - 36X or any comparable scientific calculator that is capable of fraction and trigonometric functions. Look for the following keys: a b/c, SIN, COS and TAN) for students taking Pre-Algebra and a graphing calculator for students taking Honors Algebra I.
◼ Self-selected reading books for homeroom/RA
◼ 1 binder for all of your arts/health classes combined with dividers (Art, Computers, Family & Consumer Science, Guided Exploration, Music and Technology Education)

If in the ILS program, CLICK HERE for your supply list!